Background of UPrint

UPrint: The UM Printing Solution

Student Government in conjunction with Office of the Provost, Student Affairs and Business Services, promoted an initiative to implement a wireless printing program which allows students to print/copy/scan documents from any computer on campus including wireless laptops to a network of UPrint printers. Then, at the individual’s convenience, the job can be released by swiping their Cane Card. UPrint not only provides wireless printing, but also makes color printing and “Global Scan” available, which allows documents to be forwarded to email.

In keeping with the “Green U” initiative, UPrint provides the advantages of sustainability through waste reduction, convenience through standardized deployment, and security through on-demand release of jobs.

* Sustainability: supports the University’s sustainability initiative by reducing the “carbon footprint”.

* Convenience: affords the capability to send multiple jobs to a secure print queue for retrieval, which improves productivity.

* Security: ensures confidentiality and safety of the document.

A fixed annual allowance of 130 “UPrint Credits” is provided to students for use at their discretion for any UPrint service (1 UPrint credit = $1). Current utilization patterns indicate that this will benefit 88% of the student population, who produce fewer than 2,000 prints per year.

Should students exceed their “UPrint Credits”, they will be charged a fee below market rates of $.05 for black & white prints/copies and $0.10 for color prints/copies. Benchmarking peer universities indicates that UM’s annual 130 “UPrint credits” is significantly greater and the rates are noticeably lower, considering the added value of color, scan to e-mail, and wireless printing.

UPrint credits are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be replenished. Students can conveniently check their “UPrint Credit” balance via myUM or by logging into any UPrint device on campus. Once UPrint credits are depleted, students can utilize their Cane Express account to acquire UPrint services.

The UPrint system is expected to reduce waste of paper and consumables by 30%.

For more details on the UPrint system, visit the UPrint F.A.Q. Page