The New Mobile Print

Due to the emergence of a variety of new devices changing the way people do things from a mobile perspective, “UPrint Mobile” was developed to allow users to submit print jobs from any email-enabled device, using their *University of Miami-issued email account. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, regardless of the operating system they are running.

It is possible to view PDFs, office documents, and image files using such devices, but options to print them in the past were limited. Many mobile devices lack built-in printing capabilities and those that are capable, are limited.

Nearly all mobile devices now have email and/or web browser capability. UPrint’s “UPrint Mobile” leverages these capabilities to offer this new printing solution!

Users can now print a document by sending an email via their University of Miami-issued email account to a “UPrint Mobile” email address ( for black & white, for color). “UPrint Mobile” will identify users via their email address and login credentials to ensure that only they can view, print or delete jobs they send. When the user authenticates to any UPrint-enabled Canon multi-function device, the job can be released to print.

A print job will be created and held, pending release, for each attachment contained in the email. If the email contains a body of text, it will also generate a print job the user can choose to release.


UPrint Mobile supports the following document types, which are supported via Email Print or Web Print. Applications are listed with the associated file formats:

• Microsoft® Word (.doc, .docx, .dot)
• Microsoft® Excel (.xls, .xlt,.xlsx, .xltx, .xltm, .xlsm)
• Microsoft® PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx, .pptm, .pot, .pps, .potx, .ppsx)
• Microsoft® Visio (.vsd, .vss, .vst, .vdx, .vsx, .vtx, .vdw)
• Microsoft® Outlook (.msg, .eml)
• OpenDocument (Standard file format for open source office applications such as Apache OpenOffice, and LibreOffice) (.odt, .ods, .ott, .odp)
• Comma Separated Values (.csv)
• Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)
• Rich Text Format (.rtf)
• Text files (.txt)
• Limited HTML support (HTML as part of the email body itself. HTML links or attachments are not supported for security reasons.)
• Image formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp)

NOTE: Printing/Attaching Unsupported Formats
If you send an attachment to print and it is not a supported format (e.g. XPS), your job will be rejected.

* UPrint Mobile users must use a University of Miami-issued email account in order to use this service. Other email extensions (Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, etc) are not supported.